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EAT Spice Candies  taste GREAT and I feel that it is a REAL TREAT for my body !!       by  L. V. Miami

EAT Spice is such a BETTER CHOICE  for breath freshener than gums and candies full of sugar or artificial sweetners !!    by  A. C.  Fort Lauderdale

Welcome to Eat Spice, 

An Exotic Experience for Your Senses !

Do you know that bad breath is caused by Bacteria?

Candies, Gums and Rinses often contains high volume of Chemicals, Additives and Sugar that feed bacteria. 

Eat Spice Candies are made for natural spices antibacterial able to freshen your mouth and remove the cause of bad breath. They are also powerful antioxidant with health benefits for your metabolism.


Choose your Destination of Flavor!

            eat spice saigon cinnamon          eat spice taj mahal fennel          eat spice peppermint japanese          eat spice anise ouzo greek  

            eat spice oregano mexican agave honey          eat spice thai lemon grass coconut          eat spice jamaica cloves          eat spice cardamon       

Eat Spice Tablets

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